Customer Loyalty Solutions

Customer Loyalty Solutions

Mobile Loyalty Apps replacing traditional stamp cards

Stampme Loyalty App allows business owners to directly communicate with their customers wherever they might be...even sending an automated in app notification if customers are walking bye!

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10 Ways Using Stampme in your business can have immediate benefits:

  1. Collect customer information - now you have their details and can help them keep you top of mind
  2. Increase Sales
  3. Alert loyal customers even when they're not in or near your business
  4. Send automated messages based on your customer's location
  5. Provide you with important insight into your customer's buying behaviour
  6. Create advocates of your business
  7. Integrate with Social media to create raving fans and share experiences to grow your social engagement
  8. Quickly and easily advertise your latest business promotion, event or change
  9. Encourage repeat business
  10. Increase customer spend
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