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[Mobile Marketing Link] SMS Marketing Testimonial 2016 Totally Workwear Salamander Bay, NSW Australia

Totally workwear is a retail franchise who found themselves overwhelmed with stock and needed to remove it from the store as quickly as possible.

They engaged Kylie Smiley of Mobile Marketing Link to setup an SMS Marketing campaign encouraging customers to visit the store during their stock clearance which resulted in:

- calls within seconds
- visitors to the store within minutes
- purchases of both sale items and non sale items
- profit 
- cash flow injection
Small Business Marketing done right can have great results, especially when customer's small screen is front of mind. 

"We saw a 259%+ Increase In Customers with a couple of hours notice!"

How a local pub/hotel used Kylie Smiley (Mobile Marketing Link) SMS Marketing Solution to receive 192 restaurant patrons when they usually served 16-20 by:

1. Having a smart sms strategy
2. Using the right sms marketing technique
3. Timing the sms marketing campaign
4. Providing a high value offer
5. Sending the offer to an exclusive list
6. Using skilled consulting specialising in SMS Marketing 
7. Using reliable software
8. Being compliant
9. Going above and beyond customer expectations
10. Promoting non list members to take action and get on the list so they are alerted to the next exclusive offer

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"Thank goodness I received the Text Message, otherwise I would've missed this!"

Jenda Collection, Lambton NSW arranged a customer appreciation event and used a strategic sms campaign to reach their customers wherever they were and remind them of the event.

Customers love receiving a reminder via sms as it's quick and easy plus provides a terrific added value service they can rely on to communicate 2-way with their favourite local boutique.

This event drew over 60 customers!

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